Sea Transportation In International Maritime

Sea Transportation In International Maritime

 International sea transportation and maritime transport is one of the factors affecting world trade. It contributes greatly to the economic growth of countries. This vital and large area plays a very important role. Both movement of goods and communication between different parts of the world.

In fact, we can say that with the expansion of the global economy and the increase in international trade, international transportation is now important. In this article from Navban magazine, we examine the importance of sea transportation in the world’s commercial prosperity and the factors influencing this field.

Sending cargo to commercial areas of the world

Sea transportation is one of the most important methods of sending cargo to the commercial areas of the world. This method is mostly for heavy loads. The following steps are to send cargo to the commercial areas of the world.

Planning and selecting the shipping company: First, you must choose the international shipping company to which you want to deliver your cargo. Keep in mind that this company must have enough experience in this field and provide you with all the facilities you need.

Required settings: Preparing all the documents for you is the second step. These documents include: invoices, documents related to export and import, insurance, etc.

Packing and loading: Proper packing and preparation of cargo should be doing with great care because proper packing prevents your cargo from damage during the journey.

Cargo shipment and follow-up: after loading, they transport the cargo to the destination by ship; You can find out about the status of your cargo by contacting Navban International Shipping Company.

Cargo delivery: After the cargo arrives at the destination, you must carry out the unloading and cargo delivery procedures. These measures are for the unloading and delivery of the cargo, which includes processing the documents and delivering the cargo to the recipient.

Sending cargo to commercial areas of the world

Sea transportation is one of the most important methods of sending cargo to the commercial areas of the world.

Import and export of industries

As we were mentioning a little earlier, sea transportation is widely due to its cost-effectiveness compared to air transportation and the possibility of transporting heavy and bulky loads. But in some industries, sea transportation is more, such as:

Mining industry and minerals: coal, iron, copper, silver and gold

Steel industries: rebar, steel sheets, steel profiles and other steel products

Transport containers or ULK of micro-industry: car parts and car export and import must sent by sea because of the large volume.

Electronic industries and information technology: electronic components, telecommunication equipment and other electronic industry products

Food industry: raw materials such as “cereals, oil, sugar, etc.”

Types of sea transportation methods

There are different types of sea transportation, which categorized as follows:

Container fleet: In this method, the cargo is in standard containers and arrives at the destination by sea transport ship. This method is suitable for low-volume and valuable goods such as: electronic products, clothing, and food products.

Bulk fleet: In this method, loads are directly on the surface of the fleet. This method is suitable for transporting heavy loads or goods whose size and shape are not compatible with standard containers.

Liquid fleet: It is to transport cargo such as oil, liquid natural gas, chemicals, and liquid foodstuffs. This type of transportation is often carries out container fleets.

Grain and dry cargo fleet: for carrying cargo such as grain, coal, minerals and cargo that is transported in dry form in bulk.

Special fleet: This method is used to transport special and special loads, such as: pharmaceutical products, dangerous chemicals, special fleets are used with special conditions.

Oil tanker transportation: A fleet of oil and gas tankers is used to transport crude oil and oil derivatives.


This method is used when the destination port does not have the possibility to dock a large ship. For this reason, the goods need to be transferred from one ship to another and then sent to the destination port. This method is also done in the opposite way, where the goods are transferred from the small port of origin on a small ship and then this transfer takes place.

Chartering method: When the volume of your shipment is large or due to the lack of special packaging, you need to rent the entire cargo ship, you are actually using the chartering method.

Transship method: All countries of the world do not have access to open waters, in such a situation, you should use the transship method to deliver the cargo to the nearest port to your destination country and from there, use land or air transportation to transport your goods to reach the destination

Groupage method: In this method, the sellers or producers of a certain product decide to send the cargo by one ship, therefore the ship owner or the shipping company receives a group bill of lading and the goods do not have a different and separate bill of lading.

General containers in international sea transportation

General containers are widely used in sea transportation. This method is used to carry various loads. These containers are made of metal and their volume is standardized to be compatible with the sea transport fleet.

Tips regarding public containers:

Applications: General containers are suitable for transporting goods such as: food products, electronic appliances, household appliances, textile products, furniture, tools and industrial equipment, etc.

Packaging and security: packaging in public containers should be in such a way as to prevent damage to the cargo during the journey; Also, in this situation, the security of the containers is very important to prevent theft and damage to the goods.

Carrying heavy loads: general containers have the ability to carry heavy loads and are suitable for carrying heavy loads such as steel, industrial machinery, construction equipment, etc.

Multi-purpose container: Some general containers are designed to be multi-purpose. General containers are considered one of the popular and efficient methods for sea transportation due to their wide use in various industries.

Sea Transportation In International Maritime

General containers are widely used in sea transportation. This method is used to carry various loads.

International sea destinations:

Destinations in international ports are numerous and widely spread around the world. These destinations are usually cities and coasts of countries, which are famous as the main points of sea transportation and commercial exchange. These ports include the following:

Port of Singapore,Port of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Port of Shanghai, China

Los Angeles, USA

Rotherham, Netherlands

Hong Kong China

All we mention about the cases are just a few examples of the world’s important ports, and many other coastal cities that have access to open waters are also in international ports.

What goods is sea freight important for shipping?

Sea transportation is necessary for various types of goods and products. But for some goods, it is more important; Or in other words, this is the only way to move the load; As:


Steel products

Food products

Exquisite goods

petrochemical products

Industrial goods

Factors affecting cargo arrival time in sea transportation

The problem depends on various parameters, which include the following:

Transportation distance: The distance that the cargo must travel from the origin to the destination is one of the main factors in the duration of cargo transportation.

Shipping route: There are various sea routes that may have differences in terms of duration.

Type of ship: Faster ships may take less time on the route.

Weather conditions: Storms, cold weather and frost affect the shipping time.

High capacity of ports and transportation facilities: high capacity of ports at origin and destination can increase the speed of cargo movement, hence it is more important.

Unexpected events: Unexpected events such as marine accidents, shipwrecks, labor strikes and other legal and economic issues cause crises.

Conclusion about Sea transportation

In this article, we have discussed the angles of international sea transportation to clarify this category well for you. This industry has played a prominent role in the movement of goods and commercial relations between countries since long ago. Sea transportation includes different ways and methods.

These solutions differ depending on the conditions of the goods you want to export or import, and you can find the best method for your desired goods. Among the advantages of international sea transportation is the ability to carry heavy and bulky cargo, lower cost than air transportation, and wide weather coverage of the world.

In short, sea transportation is one of the most important methods of goods in world trade. But to use this method, you need to cooperate with an international shipping company. They have high experience in this field and is able to manage all the steps. has it. Therefore, Navban Darya Lian company has presented all businesses to offer them the best way to transfer cargo. Contact us for more information.