Shipping Small Cargo From China And Common Routes

Shipping Small Cargo From China And Common Routes

China is one of the world’s largest exporters. It is importing from China is one of the most common and important strategies in international trade. Maybe you have interest in importing and sending goods from China to Iran. It is necessary to increase your knowledge in the field of small cargo transportation. This method of transportation will be one of the most important issues in your business. In this article, we intend to fully describe the method of shipping small cargo from China

Sea shipping route from China

Sea shipping is a cheap and suitable way to transport high-volume goods. Of course, this method is also for shipping small cargo from China. Note that in sea transportation, cargo whose volume is less than a 20-foot container is called small cargo.

For retail or groupage shipping, first, the goods that are to be together and in one container are together. They pack in certain warehouses in China, after all the goods are ready, they are loaded into the desired container. They sent to the designated port. In order to carry out this process, Chinese ports such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin and Guangzhou are usually used; Iranian ports such as Bandar Abbas, Imam Khomeini Port (Imam Port) and Bushehr Port are also used to unload goods.

To choose the right port, consider factors such as distance, delivery time, costs, port capacity, and shipping-related services. You should also consider your specific needs, such as the type of goods, the volume and weight of the cargo, the type of transportation, and other factors related to your business, so that you can complete the shipment from China to Iran in the best way.

Shipping time from China to Iran by ship

The duration of cargo transportation from China to Iran is affected by various factors, factors such as the transportation route, ship type, ship speed, weather conditions, traffic in ports, etc. can affect this duration. Normally, the sea shipping time from China to Iran takes 20-30 days, but it may be longer or shorter in some cases. For example, some shipping routes from the northern ports of China such as Dalian to the southern ports of Iran may need more time to reach the destination. To get more detailed information about the shipping time, you can contact the specialists of the international shipping company of Navban Darya Lian.

Shipping from China to Iran
The duration of cargo transportation from China to Iran is affected by various factors

What are the costs of shipping cargo from China to Iran?

In the maritime method, small cargo containers are rented based on CBM, each CBM is equivalent to 1 cubic meter volume and the minimum rentable space is one CBM; That is, if the volume of cargo sent is less than one CBM, the cost calculation criterion will be one CBM. Note that the maximum weight of cargo in the volume of one CBM must be 1000 kg, and if the weight of your cargo is more than this standard value, the basis for calculating the rate is the weight of the cargo.

In general, the most important factors affecting the cost of shipping cargo from China to Iran are:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Type of cargo (dangerous, normal, brand, etc.)
  • Port of loading and unloading (location of ports relative to each other and the distance between them)
  • Incoterms (based on your contract with the seller; how to send goods as FOB, EXW, FCA, etc.)

Air freight shipping from China

In addition to sea shipping, retail shipping from China happens by air shipping. This method has higher costs than sea transportation, but it is suitable for transporting goods that are light and small in volume. Also, if you have perishable goods that must reach their destination as soon as possible, shipping by plane is the best choice. Currently, due to the existing sanctions, Qatar Airways and Mahan are the best airlines for shipping cargo from China to Iran.

Air transport of small cargo from China shipping cost:

  • Actual weight (the actual weight is the weight of the product on the scale)
  • Volumetric weight (volumetric weight of China’s small cargo is in air transport because the product may have a light weight but occupy a lot of space)
  • The exact address of the seller
  • Purchase term FOB-EXWORK-FCA
  • Airport of origin
  • Destination airport
  • Exact dimensions of the load after packing
  • Risk class (goods are classified into 9 categories according to how dangerous they are. The risk class shows how dangerous the nature of a product is.)
Air freight from China
Air freight costs more than sea freight

The duration of cargo transportation from China to Iran by plane

The duration of cargo transportation from China to Iran depends on the airport of origin and the selected route, but in air transportation from China to Iran, it takes less than a week for Tehran and between one week and 10 days for other cities. Of course, note that in both sea and air transit methods, the distance between the loading and unloading place, the type of goods, and administrative and customs formalities have a direct impact on the delivery time.

What is combined transportation and what is its application?

Sometimes, the international transport company uses combined transport in order to facilitate the movement of goods and send them to their destination faster. Combined transportation means transporting goods using two or more vehicles such as ships, airplanes, trains, and trucks; This mode of transportation is also famous as multimodal transportation. This method of cargo transfer has high flexibility and due to the fluidity of the selection of means of transportation, it is possible to satisfy any customer with any kind of demand and financial ability.

Rail cargo transportation from China to Iran
The rail transport method is faster when the goods arrive from China to Iran compared to the sea method

Rail cargo transportation from China to Iran

In the way of transporting and shipping small cargo from China, cargo trains move from China to Iran on two old and new routes. On the old route, the train must pass through the cities of Yiwu and Shanghai. In the old route, after reaching Iran, the train passes through Mashhad and stops in Tehran. But on the new route, freight trains must pass through Changsha, Alashanko, Dostik, Bolshak, Shaljika, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan railway lines. After reaching Iran, they will reach Tehran through Sarkhes railway lines. With the rail transportation method, the time for the goods to arrive from China to Iran is faster to the sea method, and it takes about two weeks on average.

Which shipping method is more economical?

To determine which of the retail shipping methods is cost-effective for you, you need to consider several things. Maybe the volume of your goods is small. If it is important for you to reach the destination faster, you can save your time by transporting your goods by airlines. But if the volume of cargo is large or you want to reduce the cost of shipping cargo from China to Iran, we suggest sea transportation. It is the first choice and then rail transportation. In any case, the cost-effectiveness of shipping depends on the type of goods and your needs.

International retail shipping
The more economical method of sending small cargo from China depends on the type of cargo and your needs


In this article, we examined the various types of routes to transport and shipping small cargo from China. We checked the economic efficiency of each and its necessary points. Among the various methods proposed for transporting goods, choosing a method suitable for the weight and type of your goods can bring you more benefits in international trade. Our company will help you in this matter by providing specialized and innovative services in this field.

Navban Darya Lian Company is a specialized company in the field of logistics. It has many experiences in the field of cooperation with exporters and importers. The customer can count on the support and advice of the navigator during all stages of this international transportation. The necessary preparations to transport his goods and be sure of the safe arrival of his cargo at the destination.