Carrying fuel

Transportation of fuels or transit of fuel and petroleum is the most difficult but also the most risky type of transportation. This type of transport is often done by land, sea and rail. These services are provided in accordance with certain rules and regulations. Transportation of fuels must be carried out by roofed vehicles as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight or rain. In the meantime, international shipping companies must refer to the said organization for coordination and determination of the traffic from the source to the destination and submit a written request together with a declaration of owner, authorization and One of the specialties of MICO International is the transit of petroleum gasoline, gasoline, petroleum and bitumen, stove oil, crude oil by the most up-to-date and equipped transport fleet in the country. It is done all over the country or neighboring countries. Clearance. Exports. Crude oil and petroleum derivatives require expertise and experience. Mycos International Freight Forwarding Company will provide you with the best quality of fuel transportation in compliance with safety requirements as quickly as possible.