Car hood

Car hire or car hire means you are allowed to leave the country for a period of one year. You must have heard of the term travel and adventure. They are familiar with this term (car captain or car captain). If you are a travel man and an adventure traveler and land traveler, your first step after obtaining a passport and visa is to get a car hire.

In order to be able to travel abroad, we need an international transit license and an international license to travel through the countries that are called caputage. Another service provided by MICO is car hood. , You can assign us all car hood services. The documents required for car hood are as follows: Car Company Document Origin, Car Ownership Certificate, National Owner Card, Owner’s or Attorney’s Presence, After Car Car Capture, along with a transit license plate, International Property Booklet issued with Technical Specifications The vehicle and car owner information are included, which is required when leaving the border. The car’s license plate is permanent and belongs to the same vehicle and is valid for up to one year. And as a dealer you have to hand over transit and license plates when selling your car.